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Clementi Barbecues

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  • €568.00 - €1,938.00

Clementi Barbecues





Cook Mixed Grills with Style

The new line of Clementi barbecues is ideal for cooking mixed grills with your friends and family. Inspired by the Wild West, these barbecues combine an elegant and functional design with the ability to cook all kinds of food easily and quickly.


Use firewood or charcoal

Clementi barbecues are equipped with grills and an ash drawer, and can use both firewood and charcoal as fuel. With firewood, you can give your food a unique flavor, while charcoal is perfect for faster cooking.


Design designed for domestic use

All Clementi barbecues are designed for domestic use, so you can enjoy your meals outdoors in the comfort of your home. Don't wait any longer to enjoy your favorite barbecues in style!

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