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Horno insertable de leña con interior del hogar en vermiculita y horno de acero inoxidable HLI-200

Plazo de entrega 10 días

Wood-burning insertable oven with vermiculite hearth interior and HLI-200 stainless steel oven

Heat Power: 14.50 KW

Yield: 77.47%

CO emissions: 0.125%

Consumption: 3.39kg/h

Equipment with Doors and Cast Iron Grill

Combustion chamber interior in vermiculite.

Equipment made of sheet metal up to 4 mm.

Anti-heat paint: 800 oC

Vitroceramic glass: 750º

Male Upper Smoke Outlet: ø 200 mm

Primary Air Regulation

Secondary Air Regulation

Crystal-Clean System

Double Combustion System

Fuel: Firewood

Trunk Size: 85 cm

Firewood inlet mouth: 600 x 430 mm

Combustion chamber depth: 500 mm

Furnace inlet mouth: 600 x 400 mm

Furnace depth: 420mm

Surround top oven

Stainless steel oven interior. Removable.

Oven base in refractory brick

Sheath thermometer.

Anti-soot register.

Heating volume: 275 m3

Weight: 162kg.

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