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     Black color
    Calorific Power: 11.50 KW
    Yield: 77%
    CO emissions: 0.25%
    Consumption: 3.30 kg / h
    Foundry Door and Grill Equipment
    Internal combustion chamber in vermiculite
    Equipment made of sheet metal up to 4 mm. Double Chamber
    Anti-caloric paint: 800 ºC
    Vitroceramic glass: 750 ºC
    Flue outlet of Upper Male casting: ø 200 mm
    Primary Air Regulation
    Secondary Air Regulation
    Crystal-Clean System
    Double Combustion System.
    Fuel: Firewood
    Trunk size: 65 cm
    Wood inlet mouth: 500 x 335 mm
    Combustion chamber depth: 400 mm
    Wrapper upper oven
    Useful mouth of the oven: 500 x 185 mm
    Oven Depth: 356 mm
    Oven interior stainless steel. Removable.
    Oven base in refractory brick
    Sheath Thermometer
    Antihollin registration.
    Dimensions: 1161 x 1100 x 712 mm (Height / width / depth)
    Heating volume: 275 m3
    Weight: 160 kg

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