Estufa Saphir

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Estufa de leña fabricada en hierro fundido de alta calidad, con sistema de doble combustión y ecológica. Equipada con un eficaz sistema de cristal limpio para una visión perfecta del fuego durante días.

Plazo de entrega 30 días

Double combustion
Gray paint.
Completely cast iron construction
Double wall combustion chamber with vermiculite
Front and side loading
Two adjustable primary air intakes:
For optimal combustion
To prevent blackening of the glass
Double combustion with fixed air flow
Built-in ashtray
Logs: 50 cm
Weight: 165 kg
Nominal power: 11 kW according to standard NF EN 13240
Efficiency: 82%
Volume to heat: up to 320 m3 (value to title indicative)
Vertical or horizontal outlet Ø 150
Guaranteed 5 years

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